Past Life Regression


The belief in the continuity of the Soul through multiple incarnations is a belief that has been predominant in many cultures and spiritual traditions throughout history and around the world.

Past Life Soul Regression offers the individual the opportunity to explore past lives and gain a broader and deeper understanding of who they are as a Soul. Each of us may have had multiple past lives and inside our subconscious lie the memories from these past life experiences.

Past Life Soul Regression offers the client the opportunity to view these past life details, and to understand and release past life emotional, physical and spiritual energy that may still be held and is no longer useful to us. It also provides a “window” into the work the Soul has been doing lifetime over lifetime. It may offer explanation for many of our current life circumstances.

Exploring past lives can have a significant healing and integrating effect by releasing emotions and fears long held and heal many issues with which we may struggle in this incarnation but which we do not understand and cannot explain. Past Life Soul Regression may “shine a light” on who we are in the current life; providing greater clarity for our life today.

Past Life Soul Regression sessions are approximately 2 hours in length. A voice recording of the information received in the session will be provided to the client.

NOTE: Most clients have little or no difficulty accessing past life memory.

If you are interested in discussing the possibility of experiencing a guided Past Life Soul Regression session or are seeking additional information, please contact me for answers to any questions you might have.