Regression Therapy


Regression therapy offers you the opportunity to open to a higher level of information and stored knowledge in order to achieve greater understanding and awareness of your soul and its journey. The process allows each client to go into this deep level of awareness while retaining the memory of the experience after the regression is complete.

There is a great dichotomy in life: our soul is timeless and eternal while the human mind has difficulty comprehending the absence of time. Regression therapy is a tool that allows an individual to access the memory of past lives and of the period when we are pure soul between lives.

It is an experience of stepping back and forth, from a place in current time where there is a past and a future, into a timeless space where we are, and always will be pure soul energy.

Regression therapy is a powerful and useful process for those seeking this deep level of knowledge, healing and integration. In the regression process a trained practitioner utilizes specific breathing techniques, guided imagery and other non-invasive means to guide the client into a natural state of relaxation or trance that is conducive to accessing other than current life information.

Regression therapy covers two distinct areas:
Past Life Soul Regression is a regression into a past life.
Between Lives Soul Regression always includes a past life regression to the death scene and beyond, where the non-temporal is accessed. Thus Past Life and Between Lives regressions can be and often are conducted separately, but the Between Lives Soul Regression includes both.

The content of each Past Life and Between Lives regression is unique to each client. Some examples of what can be learned or gained include:

  • past life/current life healing
  • current life purpose
  • state of soul development
  • past life/current life relationships
  • understanding of health concerns
  • overcoming fears
  • connecting with loved ones in the spiritual realm
  • meeting with spiritual guides and teachers
  • employment/work most beneficial in current life, and much, much more

If you are interested in discussing the possibility of experiencing a guided Soul Regression session or are seeking additional information, please contact me for answers to any questions you might have.