What is Past Life Regression Therapy?


The belief in the continuity of the soul through multiple life times is a belief that has been the basis of many spiritual traditions and cultures throughout time and around the world. Reincarnation offers a point of view that souls are born repeatedly, time and time again - each time in a different body and life story to learn valuable lessons for soul development and advancement.

Past life soul regression therapy offers the person the opportunity to explore their past incarnations and gain a broader understanding of who they are as a soul and the path the soul has been traveling. It is a means to tap into the subconscious mind to retrieve memories of past lives. Each of us may have had multiple incarnations and contained inside our soul memory is the stored knowledge of these past lives.

Past life soul regression therapy is an effective tool for those seeking a deeper level of knowledge, healing and integration. In this type of regression therapy a trained practitioner will use specific breathing techniques, guided imagery, hypnosis and other non-invasive means to guide the client into a natural state of relaxation or trance that allows access of other than present moment data. Once the client has accessed the past life scenario, the practitioner will ask questions that will help the client with establishing details such as identifying sex, location, time frame, important relationships, livelihood, activities engaged in, and significant life experiences and life lessons gained.

There may be many benefits that result from past life soul regression therapy. It offers a view of the work the soul has been engaged in over many lifetimes and may provide explanations for our current life circumstances. It may enlighten us regarding who we are in our current life and offer clarity for our life today. Exploring past lives can have a significant healing affect by releasing emotions and fears long held that the root cause may have not been readily apparent to the client. These unresolved emotions may manifest as fears, phobias, pain or discomfort that show up in our present moment without visible cause. Once the individual is able to get to the root cause of the emotion and understands it, it releases and dissipates in most cases. This level of change may be powerful, transforming and long lasting for the client.

Some believe that soul family groups often incarnate together, participating in different roles in each lifetime. By recalling past life memories, it may provide a better understanding of a particular family, or other close interpersonal relationship within the present lifetime. During a past life soul regression the person may recognize a current relationship in a past life setting and that may provide greater clarity around the relationship today. There are others that may be seeking to deepen their connection to their soul by experiencing past life soul regression therapy. To be able to view the soul journey over many incarnations may provide a broader, deeper understanding of the soul, its purpose and current level of development. This broader, enhanced perspective can bring a deeper understanding of “self”.

Regardless of the reason for engaging in past life soul regression therapy, there are benefits for using this tool. These may include expanding knowledge and awareness, identifying and releasing long held and limiting traumatic emotions, and connecting to the larger, more eternal view of the soul. It may bring a deep level of understanding, healing and integration to the client that may benefit their perspective of life and overall sense of well being. It may be additionally useful when used in conjunction with other healing approaches.