Integration - Inner Parts Therapy


At our core there is the true Self - the pure energy of our Soul. As we experience life, we have events that cause us pain and injury. To protect the core light and to be able to continue to move forward we isolate and store these situations - fragmenting off a part of our personality to be the keeper of the experience and the accompanying emotions.

Splitting and isolating is a process that occurs for even the average person when challenging things occur in their life but is even more utilized when there is abuse involved. The disassociation is especially true when these kinds of difficult events happen when we are children. When we are young, we have no tyet developed the maturity, coping skills, and life wisdom to handle highly stressful or painful events. When presented with a challenging situation that feels overwhelming, it will activate the mind's protective part - call us into survival mode. In response to the situation, the survival reaction tells us to fight, flee, or if neither is an option, then the brain will freeze the emotional response. These pockets of held emotions remain stagnant but still affect us even though they are no longer in view. The event and feelings remain outside of conscious awareness, waiting for us to mature and gain coping skills and life wisdom to start our healing process.

No matter how the healing process begins it will provide opportunities for these long-stored parts to become expressed. This can be disconcerting as the memory and emotions rise to the surface. This may happen spontaneously or through any kind of body, mind, or energy work. It may be brought up through deep meditation practice or other spiritual awakening experiences. It also may be triggered by the sacred use of Earth based psychedelics. When it arises, it will be useful to be able to work thoughtfully, with compassion to start the healing for each stored part.

Integration is a process - not a singular event. The goal is to find the parts hidden from conscious awareness, touch into the emotions being held, feel them, learn the lesson in them, release them - fully letting them go, and bring the portion stored in the unconscious into the wholeness of the conscious. It takes courage, patience, perseverance, support, and self-love. It may be the most significant, rewarding work one can ever engage in - for self-healing and self-fulfillment.

The benefit of inner parts therapy is that it provides the opportunity to safely and intentionally bring up and work with the parts of us that are wounded. To bring the greatest kindness and compassion to our inner selves. As these hidden parts release their wound and share the gift of wisdom that they hold their energy can be integrated back into wholeness. The goal is to be able to bring all our energy into the wholeness of our true Soul Self.

If you are interested in scheduling a session or are in need of specific information regarding Inner Parts Therapy, please contact me to answer any questions you might have.