Energy Work Therapies

Sun Hands

The human form is comprised of multi-layers of energy frequencies that travel around and through the denser form that we call the physical body. Each layer has a purpose in supporting and manifesting the physical form. Any disruption in these subtle energy fields precede the physical, emotional and mental manifestation of illness. All energy work therapies focus on releasing disruptive patterns held in the layers of energy and restoring flow, balance and overall health.

Soul consciousness is projected in the physical form for the purpose of gaining experience, knowledge and spiritual maturity. Energy patterns form in each lifetime and those that may still need work come with us into our current lifetime. So collectively there may be energy patterns we are conscious of, and those we are less aware of that affect our overall health and sense of well being. Energy work therapies can be of assistance with physical health and in the spiritual journey as well by releasing long held patterns, integrating information and raising the overall vibrational frequency.

Energy Work offered:

  • Chackra balancing / Aura clearing
  • Spirit connected energy work
  • Crystal Energy Healing
  • Reiki

Energy work is a great stand-alone treatment or an additional layer used in conjunction with any other therapy you may be engaged in. It can help any therapy process be more effective and efficient and assists with energetic integration as we heal across all levels.

If you are interested in scheduling a session or are seeking additional information, please contact me to answer any questions you might have.