What is Between Lives Soul Regression Therapy?


Between Lives Soul Regression Therapy is an extension and evolution of Past Life Soul Regression. After exploring a past life, the consciousness or awareness can move with the soul onward and upward into the spiritual realms. It takes us to our familiar soul home. This is the realm of unconditional love, the place that souls go between incarnations to rest, reflect, heal and prepare for the next phase of their journey. Contained in our soul selves are the memories and awareness of all we are and all we have been. As we reconnect with this high level of soul information we remember our true identity.

Exploring our soul identity can offer an expanded and profound sense of self that brings greater understanding, healing and integration. During the session there is the opportunity to receive information about soul purpose, get answers to life questions and to heal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues. A greater understanding of the soul's progress and its work can be gained which may allow for aligning the current life path with the soul and its goals. This may give us better vision and self-direction for our life and bring empowerment and energy into the present moment.

During a Between Lives Regression session the client may come in contact with spiritual guides, teachers and mentors, as well as with members of their soul family. These encounters reunite the person with their soul companions and are a profound reminder that they are never alone. The experience can deepen the connection to the Divine and provide the possibility of bringing this enhanced connection into their present life. There is a deep sense of being surrounded in an atmosphere of pure love and light that can be deeply profound and healing.

All soul information including incarnations and the times between are said to be held within the Akashic Records. Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning sky or space. It is believed that these records are real but energetic, existing on a non-physical plane. While in trance the client is able to tap into these records to view details of their soul and its journey.

Each session is conducted by a trained therapist who guides the client into a state of deep relaxation or trance in order to access this deep level of information. The session includes a past life regression and as this life ends the client is guided to follow their soul as it travels back to their soul home. Through questions and dialogue a rich and detailed landscape will appear to the client. The session is conducted by the therapist, but clearly guided by the client and their spiritual guides and teachers. The information in each session is very unique and specific to the client and their needs.

Between Lives Soul Regression is a valuable healing tool similar, but often deeper and more profound than a past life soul regression. The work offers the opportunity for energetic healing, learning about life purpose, the state of soul development, greater understanding of relationships, connecting with loved ones in the spiritual realm, meeting with spiritual guides and teachers, opportunity to ask questions about current life concerns and much, much more. The experience can bring a sense of profound awe and wonder and may be healing to the client on many levels. It may bring resolution to problems and provide a revitalized sense of purpose to the present moment. Gaining the knowledge of what occurs from the time of death until the next incarnation, for many, is a healing tool beyond description. The therapy can be used independently and can also be useful when used in conjunction with other healing approaches.