Jewish Woman

I had been having a migraine headache with the accompanying symptoms and decided to follow the pain and heaviness in the body to connect to a past life.  So, as I sat in meditation and cleared my energy I began to see myself in a life as a Jewish woman living in Poland just prior to the second world war breaking out.  I come from a middle class family and have married well enough and have a home, nice things and life is good.  I have two children who are not yet fully grown.  I have the sense of being very proper and of having a sense of pride about myself, my family and the circumstances that we have made of our lives.  Then, of course, everything changes and all we have worked for and built is suddenly, swiftly taken from us.  I find myself standing on a train station and then being herded into cars going to an unknown destination.  There is a sense of disbelief and fear among the groups of people being herded into the cars.  We arrive at our destination and I am separated from my children and together with all the other adult females we are herded into a building.  We are told to remove all of our clothing and these are taken from us.  We all stand naked and I have the sense of being stripped of so much more than my clothes.  We are all shaved bald and run through showers and then given a gray sack-like garment to wear.  We then are taken to a barracks type of housing with no amenities.  Rather systematically some of us are taken to a building where there is human testing going on and I am subjected to both mental/brain and female reproduction testing.  They seem to be trying to determine the shortest route for subjugation of the human form and how to create the super race.  There was no shortage of bodies to experiment on and so they do their experiments with no caring for the life affected or the pain inflicted.  When the body could stand no more, it was then cast aside as there were so many to choose from.  I was used for this purpose until they cast me aside, but I did not die, but rather was part of a group that was later herded into a gas chamber and en masse executed.  I never knew what became of my children as I never saw them again once we reached this camp.

I realized that this life must be the one just prior to my current incarnation and it seemed to bring additional understanding around how the story of my life today was selected.  It truly seems to have picked up where the other one left off, but this time with the ability to survive and overcome.

I clearly felt the heaviness of oppression again which seems to be the stress in the body that is triggering my headaches.  I also feel the great sense of how tiresome this has become - living with the effects of oppression through so many lives.  I sat with this information for a day and then sat again and asked to meet at the temple with me the Jewish woman and asked how we can help each other to dissipate the heaviness that remains in the energy.  I am told that the main things that remain to be healed are the sense of injustice, the loss of personal dignity and sense of self worth and being disempowered.  She tells me to remember the strength gained by living such difficult lives and to ask for help to transform the heavier energy to a higher vibration.