Sea Voyager

I sit in meditation and ask to see another aspect of soul energy that will bring more awareness about my soul journey.  I see myself at the landing pad and start to see and feel myself as an adult male on a ship at sea.  I enter the temple and am seated and the images continue to show me that I am the captain of a ship that travels to many interesting places on the planet for the sake of exploration.  It is at the time when these ships were wooden and navigated with large sails.  I am a master seaman and take pride in my skills and abilities to so very carefully chart and navigate with precision to distant lands.  I see myself in the captain's quarters where there is a large table with maps spread out and instruments to calculate location.  What I am most aware of is the powerfully strong sense of seeking adventure.  It feels like the culmination of a life where I lived near a coast in England and was able to visit the docks as a child and dream of the adventure of sailing.  Now that dream has become a reality and it is the thrill of the journey that I find the most enjoyable.  The places we land are interesting, but I quickly become bored with land life and once again seek to find the adventure at sea.  I can feel the breeze on my face and smell the sea mist as the ship rides on the waves - this is the part the I love the most - the journey, not the destination.  For me this is the only passion in life is this voyage into adventure.

I ask what this life has to do with my life today and he shows me that his life was all about the outer adventure and journey while my life today is about the inner adventure and journey.  Our two lives are the balance for one another - he is the outer expression and I am the inner voyager.  He also reminds me that my soul loves the journey into all kinds of adventure - which seems to clearly explain the many lives and choices of experience.  He reminds me that our soul learns by large adventures - his life drawing him to the large outer adventures and mine designed to take the inner journey into the adventure of all lifetimes.  He reminds me that it is about the journey, not about the destination - the process is where all the interesting stuff happens.  He shows me that it is primarily important to hold your course through whatever the journey may bring.  I ask him if I can know his name and he tells me that I may call him John, the sea voyager.

In peace.........Margie