I recently had a conversation with one of my children who was commenting on how long it had been since a particular event had occurred in their lives. It led to a discussion of how it is sometimes difficult to wrap your head around how it could be that so much time has elapsed from a particular event.  It seems to be true for all of us that there are times that it seems that earlier events in our lives happened just yesterday and at other times it seems that it was eons ago.

Time itself is an interesting concept that occurs in three dimensional reality as a means of measuring and marking the experiences we are having in our life story.  Time may only be a part of this dimensions reality, but it is needed to help us stay on track with our learning, growth and development.  As such, it can play an important role in helping us remember that we have only a limited amount of time in this life.....and that we have specific work to be accomplished in the allotted time.  Too often we forget that we are on a limited, and clearly unknown, time budget and allow our ego to be in charge of our use of time.  In so doing the ego will focus on the physical, material world of acquiring and making itself feel bigger and better - rather than helping us use our time toward the accomplishment of soul purpose.

As I have arrived at the dubious place of being in the latter part of my life I can offer my wisdom about the use of life energy through time.  Since all we know for certain is that our time is limited, and even if we are younger we may be in the "winter" of our life, then it makes sense that we must focus our attention on making the most of our time.  It is true that we have soul purpose work to accomplish and coming to know what that is and making it a priority is a significant part of how we must learn to use our time.  What is also true is that life is to be joy-full and not just filled with numbing, mindless work and activities.  So......whatever you may want to accomplish in your life NOW is the time to engage in that process.  Whatever relationships need healed NOW is the time to do the healing.  Whatever words you need to say to those you love today is the best time to say them.  Whatever you have longed to do, be or have as part of your life there will never be a better time than the present to make it happen.

Life goes by quickly - even if you are blessed with a long life.  So don't put off for too long all the things that you have always felt were important to have as a part of your life experience.  Just make sure that your priorities are in alignment with your Soul as you decide what is truly important.  None of us know just how long we will be here, but we all know that when this Earth story is over.....it's over.  We all may have a few regrets along the way, but it is important to not have any regrets about what was truly the most significant missed experiences or opportunities.

Life is a gift given to each of us........it is up to us to live it with intention, purpose and to live it well NOW.

In peace...............Margie