New Heights

There are some life experiences that are of such a spiritual magnitude that it affords us the opportunity to reach new heights.  The view from these high, spiritually connected places allows us to expand our view and to feel from a new and different perspective.  I recently had such an experience - it was entered into with the thought of needing to hold spiritual space for another to do their work.  But in the process those of us who were holding space and doing the role of facilitation were as dramatically affected as the one working in our collective held space.

There are times that our Soul calls us to immerse ourselves deeply inward and to live for a few moments in a high vibrational space so we can have the vision of where we are going.  I believe that what follows is that we move back into our daily routine - but never in the same way - we are deeply altered by the experience.  We are called to reflect on what has occurred and seek ways to use this new information as we move forward in our lives.  It is a time of change - we can no longer remain in our old energy - and we are not yet at the heights of the new vision.  It is that place of growth that is both unsettling and exhilarating at the same time.

Being human we have the duties of the mundane always before us - even after the ecstasy there is always the laundry, etc to be done.  We must hold the larger vision of where we are going even while we are engaged in the daily routines of life.  This is the gift of deeply spiritual experiences - they shows us new heights that can sustain us when we return to the routine of life.  It is as though we ride a wave of growth and experience, with each one taking us to new heights that sustain us even when we are at the bottom of the wave.  In the process we are ever moving upward, never returning as fully to the place we were before the experience called us to rise once again.

It is through this progression of soul-full experiences that continually draws us forward, upward to our greater Soul purpose - even though the ego mind may not readily see the reason for the change.  It seems to leave us somewhat "deer in the headlights" as these experiences transpire.  But there is an inner knowing place that deep spiritual movement is something that must be responded to - even when it calls for unsettling change.  It requires us to leave our present moment comfort zone and move across that dark void we call growth and transition - yet again.  And no matter how many times we have been called to make this journey it is still a bit of a fearful experience - to leave what is know and enter into "the past is gone, the future is not yet here" space.  This is our transition zone - which is rich with real change, real growth - expansive moments in our lives.

That we have these opportunities for spiritual evolution and growth is part of our journey as human beings.  Perhaps this is the real work of the evolution of consciousness - riding a spiritual wave ever higher until we reach the final vibration potential for humanity and then learning to live from that place moment to moment.  As we each do our work we contribute to this evolutionary potential.

In peace...............Margie