Ego Mind Chatter

I have clients who have great difficulty with the constant stream of chatter from the time bound, earth plane, ego part of their brain.  I call this part of our brain the "small mind".  Small mind tends to have a very loud compelling voice if left to its own devices.  It is all about protecting itself, even to the point of twisting its version of perception.  It is fear based and tends to send negative inner self dialogue.  If left unchecked in the least it can bring self doubt and negative self perceptions, and at worst it can bring on paranoia, panic attacks and choices made out of fear.

Fortunately, we not only possess "small mind", but we each also have the other part of our brain that I call "big mind".  Big mind is a much quieter voice and is the part of us that is connected to our heart and soul.  Big mind is not time bound, but is expansive, connected to the infinite, with limitless possibilities and potentials.  From this part of our mind comes our inner knowing, intuition, positive self perception and trustworthy truth.  The inner dialogue from big mind is kind, loving and supportive.

It is possible that you may not be able to hear your heart and soul saying positive, uplifting things because the ego voice is too loud.  It then is incumbent on each of us to take control of small mind and make the conscious decision to place these aspects of ourselves in proper order based on their individual capabilities.  Our ego, small mind is very good at making lists, accomplishing tasks, keeping our finances, making and keeping appointments, etc and we need this aspect while we are in three dimensional reality to keep our lives in order.  Our soul connected big mind is the visionary for our lives, knows what the soul came to do, reminds us who we really are, connects us to Oneness, is the guide that directs us in truth and transcends three dimensional reality.  Small mind should always be in service to big mind - it is the child/servant.  Big mind should be our primary guiding influence - it is the parent/leader.  So when placed in proper order, big mind becomes the voice we seek guidance from first and then it will direct small mind how to assist with our life goals and purposes.

If you only listen to the influencing voice of the ego, then you are closing off the opportunity to hear what greater soul wisdom has for your life.  You close yourself off from divine source, and as you do that you let in the negative voice that disconnects you from love, joy, peace, enlightenment and great relationships.  A life lived disconnected from divine source and wisdom will not fulfill divine purpose.

There are a few powerful tools for quieting the mind:

Meditation - making space and time to devote to quieting the mind and listening.  Focused Breath Work - slowing the mind by purposeful breathing.                       Quiet Time - making time to spend in a restful, relaxing place, perhaps in nature.

If you make a habit of purposefully quieting the mind in whatever way that works best for you, you will begin to connect to your inner Soul and Source.  Nothing quiets the ego mind more quickly than connecting to Source, and you can know Source's guidance and love only in the quiet.  So finding time for quiet reflection and inner focus is the most positive thing you can do for yourself and your life.

In peace..............Margie