Trusting The Flow

We all have a life that is currently in progress and our ego mind has a sure idea of how it thinks our life should unfold.  It also tends to fret and worry when there is uncertainty or when there are obstacles that seem to loom in our path - even when we may have created these obstacles.  We also tend to fall into emotional traps when life as we thought it should be or wanted it to be, just isn't materializing the way we hoped and planned.

As long as we only look to our small, ego mind to give us life direction then we may always be subject to fears, frustrations and disappointments about our life journey.  In fact the ego mind and its pain avoidance tendencies may lead us off into choices that cause our life to become derailed and require much need for correction to get back on track.  It is important to come to the realization that the ego really doesn't have all the information to be able to make our most important life decisions and to have accurate judgments about how our life is unfolding.

Learning to relax, breathe and trust that our Soul and its supporting network always knows the larger picture is not easy for the ego mind to embrace.  It may be a lifelong learning process to be able to allow this trust to bring peace to the ego mind.  It is not an easy task, but one that brings a more serene, positive outlook to the flow of our life.

The monkey mind only has past history as reference and does not have the ability to see into the future.  So at some point we have to start to have faith - in ourselves, our intuition, destiny, karma, guidance, our soul wisdom, whatever you want to call it.  When we can come from a place of trust and faith then we find an inner reservoir of hope, calmness, courage, confidence and assurance that no matter the outcome it is as it should be and for the best.

When we come from a place of trust and faith about the events and experiences that come into our lives it will support a continuation of this peaceful, positive flow.  In this environment we can do the work to create the kind of self that we will be happy to live with for the rest of our lives.  One that approaches life from a positive, grateful perspective.  Gracefully accepting what may come our way, learning from it and not dissolving into an angry, resentful, worried mess whenever life gives us unexpected bumps in the road.  Learning to trust and go with the flow is such a necessary lesson; giving us the ability to relax, breathe and bring more peaceful harmony to our daily existence.

This is not to say that "bad" things won't happen in our lives or that we will never make a miserable, foolish mistake.  But trusting our instincts and our soul guidance to give us the means to make the best of what has occurred, or to right the error of our ways is the means to move forward to the best outcome.

In peace.............Margie