Evolution of Consciousness

We live in times of great crisis all around us - global warming, holes in ozone layers, disappearing rain forests, polluted rivers, dying sea life, large scale famine, a widening gap between the very rich and the very poor, over-exploitation, wars, disease, etc - the list could go on and on.  All of these signs of the times stem in one way or another from human self centered behavior.  Over and over we see decisions being made according to the needs of a few for power, profit, status, personal identity and security.  In a final analysis it is the need to protect and reinforce an ever faltering sense of self that leads us to consume more than we need, pollute the world around us, abuse others and show careless disregard for the many other life forms sharing space with us on the planet.  It is daily in our face that we are in great danger, and yet we fail to take meaningful action - we still drive our cars, consume dwindling resources, etc. because to do otherwise would be an inconvenience.  But it is clear we must change to survive and we must find the way to see change as a challenge and an opportunity not a threat.

The crisis before us is at its root a crisis of consciousness.  The essence of any crisis - personal, political or global is that the old way of functioning is no longer working - something new is being called for.  As we reach the end of the evolutionary process that has brought humanity to its pinnacle, the crisis we are facing is that the old way that is not working is our mode of consciousness.  The old mode is destroying everything around us - threatening the very survival of the planet and every species that dwells here.  It clearly is time for us to evolve into the new mode, but unless we wake up to our true identity and have the courage to step into a new mode we risk everything.  In the past a few saints and mystics have shown the way, but in this final stage of the evolution of consciousness it is time for humanity as a whole to wake up and step into the peace and security that lie at our core and make it our new mode of being.  This is an evolution of conscious thinking, an evolution of the mind.

Throughout history there have been those few who have individually evolved inwardly to higher states of consciousness - these people are the examples of what potential each of us can become.  There was nothing special or different about them in their biology, but the difference in them is that they liberated themselves from a limiting, artificially derived sense of identity to discover a greater awareness of themselves as beings of peace, love and light - connected to the greater Oneness.

These times of crisis call for each one of us to make the inner journey of spiritual connection and inquiry.  In so doing we can make sense out of life at the deepest level.  If we don't make the effort to deeply grasp who we are and why we are here we will miss the opportunity to fulfill our own and humanity's destiny.  In light of these times, engaging in spiritual inquiry becomes inherently valuable and necessary as we are not playing a game, but are trying to make sense of life in the biggest context for the biggest reasons.

As we each participate in broadening our conscious awareness through spiritual connection and inquiry we will be moving all humanity to higher levels of consciousness.  Everything is connected, no one thing can change by itself.  We are only one, but we are connected to all that is and have the responsibility to add our light, strength and passion to creating new structures, deeper perspectives and higher potentials across the web of consciousness that connects us all.  Our further evolution is now in our own hands - or rather in our conscious minds and in using it to make manifest a world that is a true reflection of our core nature.

In peace...........Margie