Reclaiming Power

Empowerment is the ability to give yourself the authority to think, act and be in whatever way you choose is best for you.  Having personal power is everyone's birthright, but there are many circumstances in life that may detract from our ability to own our power.  Sometimes we are born into family circumstances where being personally empowered is never given to the children as an option.  There are times that by pain inflicted in our lives we give up our power to substances which cause addictions.  Then there may be times that we find ourselves in relationship situations where our power is taken or we give it up voluntarily for the greater good of others that may depend on us.

No matter what caused the loss of personal power, the process of reclaiming it is often a lengthy and messy affair.  When we loose our power it is usually through less than ideal interactions with others.  And it involves individuals that should care, have compassion and support us, but for their own reasons and agendas do not.  When we finally summon the courage, or life hands us an unexpected curve ball that is a game changer, and we start the process of standing more fully in our power it will always make waves.  This can be a difficult and even frightening process when we are first starting to flex dormant empowerment muscles.

When we live in an environment where we are not able to stand in our own power the ego will likely tell us the many seemingly viable reasons for not affecting change out of the need to protect ourselves.  But as long as we are willing to put up with being dis-empowered then the imbalance that we live in will continue.  If we stay in this condition long enough it will likely cause self hatred and hopelessness.  We are the only ones who can summon the courage, speak our truth and demand our power back.  It will be an uncomfortable process and require resolve and commitment to see it through when others are demanding us to remain in the old status quo.  Part of reclaiming power is being strong within ourselves when we get the expected backlash and push back from others or when the habits of past behavior are strongly felt.

Having true personal power is not about having dominion over any others, but is about having the same balance of power as any others.  This power must be out of compassion, never out of force.  Power and compassion in balance with self and others.  Even when changing life circumstances is necessary and messy it is best to be done in the most compassionate manner that all involved can allow - but it may be necessary to have the courage to stand firm when faced with less than compassionate responses.

True power is about living in such a way that permits us to do so with integrity to our true soul nature so it can be fully present in our lives.  This is the power of peace, love and light.  However, as long we live in dis-empowerment there will be blockages to allowing our soul nature to be fully present.  There are many valuable lessons learned in being without our full personal power and in the healing journey to reclaim it.  It is healing work that is worth undertaking if we are to truly love and respect ourselves and live our lives to their fullest potential.  Reclaiming our power may be the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and by our example give others permission to do the same.

In peace...........Margie