Emptiness & Greed

Greed is the outward manifestation of the feeling of a deep emptiness that must be filled by something external.  Greed is the desire to acquire more than one may need and usually stems from being disconnected from our soul energy and information. There are people all over the world who are collecting things to fill their sense of emptiness - I am sure you may know some or have had moments when you too have attempted to fill your emptiness with something or even someone.

This kind of attempting to fill an ego sense of being empty, manifests in many ways.  Some are collecting money although they already have more than they need.  People are eating - not because they feel hungry, but from some sense of another kind of emotional void.  We see this in our culture and the visible outcome is a decline in our overall health - that by stuffing ourselves we are actually causing our own suffering.  Some people are shopaholics and have to perpetually acquire more clothes, jewelry, shoes, furniture, cars, etc. than they can reasonably expect to actually wear or use.  Sometimes the need to fill the emptiness leads to relationship addictions that may be out of balance and not healthy in order to not feel empty and alone.

All activities that we engage in to acquire things to fill our perceived emptiness are a means to distract ourselves from actually feeling our emptiness.  It may cause us to live in a fast paced, impatient and unconscious manner - pushing us to continue the acquiring so we won't feel the pain of being empty.  It is our fear of feeling this pain of being empty that can create a vicious cycle that prevents one from moving forward into a place of healing, peace and calm.

In all this acquiring it is a paradox that no external thing can truly fill the sense of being empty.  There is not enough "stuff" in the world to truly satisfy and fill us up - so the ego still feels empty and we remain miserable because it is never enough.  The more is needed and the demand for more is unending.

The answer to emptiness and the ensuing greed that tries to fill it is not found in the ego.  It is found by slowing down and drawing our attention inward and connecting to our core, soul energy and information.  The emptiness felt by the ego is an illusion and at its core it is a lie.  For at our core we are pure soul energy with a solid connection to our Source.  As such, we can never be empty for we are continually being filled from within.  When we quiet the ego mind and seek the truth beyond it, we will find that we are filled with love, peace, joy, blissfulness, grace - enough that it will continually feed us from within.  Our soul energy is enough to spill out and give freely to others as well and yet it will never be exhausted.  When we make this connection to our soul energy and information then we will not feel greed any longer - for money, for food, for things.  It can shift our perspective completely.

It becomes important to find the way to be in tune with our flow of soul energy and listen to the wisdom that comes from our Source.  We each are an expression of Source energy being manifest in time/space.  As such we are part of "all that is" and are never empty, but are continually full of Source energy.  If we come to embrace and understand this we will always be fulfilled.  But if we continue to only feel the ego void and don't seek a greater, wiser understanding of self then the emptiness and greed to fill it with junk will continue.  It is always our choice...............

In peace.............Margie