Fear is an interesting emotion for it really doesn't exist in the physical world except in our minds.  The components of fear include anxiety, stress and perhaps even anger and are the result of the ego mind placing judgment on an experience and determining that it is too painful to be experienced again.  So then fear becomes the pain that arises from the anticipation that something dreadful could happen to us again.  Fear is an energy pattern that becomes stored in our body / mind and is constricting and limiting.

We all have some stored fears that we have acquired as we travel through life.  We may have the fear of loss in relationships that may keep us from connecting to others in deep meaningful ways.  We may have the fear of failure if we have labeled a previous experience as a failure and this may keep us from trying again.  We may have been hurt by those who should have loved us so we have the fear of allowing ourselves to live with an open heart.  We may have the fear of change, which really is the fear of the unknown that keeps us locked in even the most uncomfortable situations.  We may have the fear of not being good enough that may keep us from stepping fully into our power.  We may have the fear of offending others that keeps us from speaking or acting in our highest truth.  We may have a fear of being judged for our differences that keeps us from becoming fully ourselves and makes us conform to others expectations. We may have the fear of what others think about us which causes us to question our own sense of self worth. Fear is an insidious emotion that makes us uncomfortable and inhibits our actions and behavior in limiting, negative ways.

Often we have learned to incorporate our fears into our life in ways that by avoidance we no longer feel the emotion.  So if you are afraid to speak your truth, then you don't allow yourself to have a voice - then you don't feel the fear.  In so doing we make an ingrained place for fear to reside in our lives.  It takes courage to admit that you are afraid of something, and even more courage to master that fear.  But that is what courage is - the mastery of fear, not the absence of fear.  Conquering our fears is the beginning of the path to empowerment and wisdom.  So it is important that we not get too comfortable with our fears - we must know them and become engaged in the process of transforming them.

I will admit that some emotions of fear serve a purpose in protecting us from real danger - but that is not the kind of stored fear I am referring to.  I am reminded that there is a definition of fear that is False, Evidence, Appearing, Real.  Often the mind stores and believes that there are things to be feared, but in reality when we come face to face with what we are afraid of it is not really as frightening as we thought.  By having the courage to face our fears we can release the limitations that they have imposed and then make healthier choices that are more in line with our soul energy and purpose.  Fearlessness is like a muscle, the more you use it the easier it becomes to not allow our fears to rule our lives.

At our core each of us is the pure soul energy of peace, compassion and light.  We each also are here with a very specific soul purpose to fulfill and we must not allow our fears to keep us from reaching the highest expression of our light and purpose.  By overcoming our fears we can fulfill our soul purpose, live our most important dreams and become the beacon of light that shines brightly and in so doing gives others permission to do the same.

In peace..........Margie