Pain is part of the existence of being embodied - part of being human.  Pain is not only felt as a indication of dis-ease in our physical form, but can come also from mental, emotional, energetic, relationship and spiritually root issues.  So as we move through life it is inherently part of the journey to learn how to cope with, learn from and ultimately deal with and heal manifesting pain.

It should be duly noted that the human psyche is a pain avoidance system and as such is not usually a willing participant in embracing, examining and healing the situation causing pain.  Rather it will look for and provide us with ways to avoid encountering the painful experience ever again as the means to end the pain.  It is trying to protect us, I know but in the end will likely delay the opportunity to process and heal whatever caused the pain until a later time rather than in the moment it is occurring.  This may have the effect of delaying our opportunity for growth and at times may even mean that we have unfinished business that lays hidden for an entire life time.  Now the work for healing it will have to be accomplished in future incarnations - for emotions buried alive never die.

Pain is always an indicator that something is amiss - something is calling out for our attention.  Usually the body is engaged in the pain indication process - after all that is our instrument for feeling while we are here.  So it is important to listen when the body is speaking to us.  All dis-ease and discomfort in the body is multifaceted - it will contain physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual components.  It is our job then to listen to the body and seek to understand not only the surface manifestation but also the deeper reasons that are underlying the pain.

There are usually deep, profound lessons to be learned through painful processes - even though we often want to shrink from the learning opportunities that are too painful.  The soul has its own agenda and gives us the experiences that are needed for it to become and grow - even if some of them are learned through difficult and painful ways.  It is often through the most painful experiences, the ones that lead us to a literal or metaphorical "deaths door" that provide the deepest connection to our spiritual core and inner awareness.

Learning to work with, and even learning to value the painful experiences in our life is work that helps to bring balance to painful experiences.  By seeking for the wisdom of the lessons learned through pain and the gifts of spirit that supported us through difficult times in our lives gives a broader perspective to the painful events.  There are gems of expanded awareness in having the courage to look at our painful experiences and understand what was gained by going through them.  We come to know our own strengths, gifts and abilities in a way that allows us to come to love ourselves more deeply for all we may have overcome.

One last thought is while we all experience pain it truly is optional whether we choose to suffer because of it.  This is the test for us all in experiencing painful moments - can we choose to still remain kind, gracious, caring even when we are not at our best?  Can we remember that this gift of difficulty is ours to learn from, grow through and find the good in - not for us to inflict our painful suffering onto others?

Our work is to own our painful experiences, work through them in the moment, take the steps to heal them and come to the greater spiritual wisdom of what gift was in them for us.  Our degree of inner happiness depends not on what we experience, but on the degree of gratitude we have for whatever the experience.

In peace........Margie