Words are the means that we use to express ourselves either orally or in writing.  It is a means of conveying information, feelings, thoughts, ideas, attitudes and opinions.  By themselves words are benign - being neither good or bad.  It is in our intention as we use them that they become more than "just" words.  Words are an expression of our thought and emotional processes and they always reflect the state of mind, character and disposition of the speaker.  As such it becomes vitally important that we become conscious speakers carefully examining and choosing what we will say; knowing the impact our words may have on the receiver.  It is always important to think twice before you speak, because your words and influence may determine either the success or failure in the mind of another.  Whatever words we utter should be chosen with the knowing that the people hearing them may be influenced by them for good or ill, for better or worse for positive or negative.  Our words may be uplifting or they may be heavy and hurtful.

It takes a measure of applied responsibility to know when to speak and when to not.  There clearly are times that even though we have a strong opinion or emotion that it is in the best interest of all involved not to express these thoughts.  Words can be like loaded pistols.  Once the words are spoken they can never be taken back and any damage they may inflict is already done.  Once the words are spoken they reign over you - when unspoken you still have reign over them.  As with all things in life we have choices about what we convey and if it is prudent to actually speak it.

There are experiences that we may encounter in life that words cannot fully capture and convey.  In attempting to express the magnitude of an experience sometimes the words are only vague shadows of the volumes of meaning left unexpressed.  They are the audible links that help us chain together as best we can great inaudible feelings, experiences and purposes.  When told with the heart and soul of the experience they can impress the receiver of the magnitude of the experience even though the words are small by comparison.

The tone of voice and body language used when words are spoken will have a powerful impact on the meaning of what is being said.  Words spoken with compassion convey a completely different meaning when the very same words are spoken with anger.  Even the most difficult message can be softened when delivered with compassion.  Our countenance speaks volumes and adds to the emphasis as we speak the words.  How we convey our words becomes a reflection of ourselves as well.

If you are looking to change your world and the world of those around you, remember that one way you can do so is by changing your words.  There is trans-formative power in the use of the tongue. Speaking in a positive manner, conveying kindness doesn't cost much, but may be the gift of change our lives, relationships and the world so desperately needs.

On our path of spiritual development we must each embrace becoming conscious speakers learning to use our words for the highest good of both ourselves and those we communicate with.  Our words should be chosen to provide positive thought for the mind and create light for understanding and awareness.  They must be spoken in the highest level of personal integrity and must be representative of our truth and an expression of our core soul energy.  When used in this manner they become a true reflection of our highest selves.

In peace............Margie