A very dear and wise friend recently reminded me that we are each made up of our stories.  Stories of the things we have experienced and the places we've been, stories that we are writing in every moment as we live the journey of our lives moment to moment.

Each of us chooses the general theme of the story we are born into - the location on the planet, the parents, the cultural, educational, social, political and financial conditions we will be born into.  Then we arrive and we begin to live out the very specific details of our unfolding story.  We clearly have choices at every turn in the chapters of our lives - choices about how we will react and respond to the varying landscape of circumstances and experiences that we are encountering.

Our life story changes constantly as we grow and mature - each experience shaping us in ways that may be very subtle or highly visible.  I know for me that my life story has changed dramatically over the course of the years that have already elapsed in this life.  In my early childhood and on into adulthood there were many difficult experiences to learn from. Then as time, circumstances, conditions and choices evolved my life started to move into a way that has become more peaceful and graceful.  Each step of this evolutionary process is paved with learning, growing, overcoming and becoming.

The learning process is what the stories really are all about - as we are faced with the twists and turns that the novel of our lives presents us we are always learning.  Learning how of solve problems, how to handle difficulty, how to find the good in every situation, how to heal, how to find compassion even in polarity, how to appreciate beauty, how to find gratitude for every learning opportunity we are gifted with.  We learn about the stuff we are truly made of.

It is important to remember that the most important learning is not for the ego, but is for the soul to grow and become.  There are times that the ego will not readily understand what the lesson and learning is about in a particular situation - but it is important to seek the soul wisdom of what it has learned by the experience.  This higher perspective is often needed to achieve the understanding that is required to become grateful for even the most difficult experience in life.

We must remember that we are not our stories - we are the energy that powers these learning experiences.  We are the soul energy of love and light learning by being incarnate.  It is also necessary to heal ourselves from any baggage that a particular part of our story may leave us with.  And most importantly, we must not get lost in the story and forget who we are and why we are here.  If the story becomes so compelling and all consuming for the ego that it cannot let go of it, then there is the possibility that it will be hard for the ego to let it go when it is time for the soul to return home.

So as my wise friend noted we are all made up of our stories and we never know fully each others many and varied stories and what they are learning through them.  It is not ours to judge others for their life story as we have no idea what the soul purpose for them may be.  Ours is but to live our life stories in a manner that will maximize our opportunity for our soul to grow through our life journey.

In peace........Margie