Since we are all human, there will come a time for all of us when we will be faced with our own mortality. In that moment when we know that the length of our life may be limited....we will have the opportunity to review, think back and may find that there are things in our life path that we have regrets about. There are some fairly common themes for the things people have regrets about when faced with their own mortality.

1) Wishing that you had lived the life true to yourself - not just living the life that others expected of you. We often find ourselves doing what is required of us due to life circumstances or others influence, but as you are living your life it is important to honor and incorporate some of your dreams so your life will feel complete.

2) Working too on the treadmill of only a work existence. Often the busyness of life grows into a daily, weekly, monthly grind - so along the way it is important and necessary to create more space for recreation and play. A time and place to renew body, mind and spirit so your life will feel balanced between work and play.

3) Unexpressed feelings....whether of the positive or negative kind. Too often we bottle up the negative in order to maintain the peace...or lack the courage to say the positive in the moment. If your life is lived in this manner then a lifetime of bottled up emotions will be its legacy. It is vitally important and healthy to speak your truth as you go - tell others the hard things with compassion and share the love in your heart openly and often. The truthful expression of feelings will raise the quality of relationships and leave nothing left unsaid when it is time to leave.

4) Keeping the rush of daily life it is common to let friendships slip. When faced with our life ending the things that are valued most are love and relationships. Remembering and honoring those dear to us along the way will enrich our lives throughout the journey clear to the end. We need each other - keeping friends close will lift our spirits, connect our hearts and provide mutual caring and support.

5) Being happy......and knowing that happiness is a choice. There may come a time when we each get in the rut of a life pattern that is "comfortable" and routine. This rut may be out of a fear of making change and we pretend that this rut is contentment. So along the way it is important to make choices that go beyond any bounds of fear and make choices that make your heart sing. These don't necessarily have to be big things, just things that make you laugh, expand your heart or even bring stillness into your life. Whatever makes you truly, soulfully happy.....doing more of it will enrich our lives.

In order to not have regrets at the end it is important to wake up and make any life changing choices that will enhance our lives moment to moment. We must realize that this is our journey and if we want it to be rich, rewarding, joyful clear to the end it may require choosing to make changes now....and as long as we are still alive it is not too late to make changes for the better.  It may require truthful introspection and courage, but to live more fully in the moment and arrive at the end with limited regrets is worth the commitment to choose to change.

In peace............Margie