Valuing Real Beauty

Real beauty doesn't really have anything to do with our outward appearance.  We are not our clothing size, nor the width of our waist, nor the shape of our legs.  We are not the color of our hair, our skin, nor the color of our lipstick (if worn).  Our shoe size is of no consequence.  We are not defined by the amount of attention we get from males, females or any combination thereof.  We are not the number of sit-ups that we can do, nor are we the number of calories we consume in a day.  We are not our mustache, nor the hair on our legs.  We are not a little red or black dress or stunning suit.  We are not the amount of muscles or curves we have.  We are not an amalgam of these things.

We are the content of our character.  We are the ambitions that drive us.  We are the goals that we set.  We are the things that make us laugh and cry.  We are the words that we say.  We are the the mind that allows us to see wonder.  We are our commitment to values.  We are beautiful beings and valuable not for the clique we attend, but for the spark of life that compels us to make our life a full and meaningful one.  We are beautiful not for the shape of the container - but for the volume of the soul it carries.

Remember that true beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which means that how beautiful you are to other people is always going to be subjective to who is looking at you at that time.  Since you are always the one to look at yourself first, it becomes vitally important to see beyond the outer wrapper and see your own inner soul beauty and feel great about who you are at every stage in the life journey.

Part of the true beauty in ourselves are the things we find that make us unique and learning to value all the varied aspects of ourselves.  There may be things that we find weird, unusual, or different in ourselves and we must learn to love those parts as gifts of source manifesting in us - it is in these differences that makes us a unique expression of source energy.  We have no right to judge or condemn our differences, only  to celebrate, appreciate, embrace and enhance those special things so that they would shine rather than be hidden.

If we live to be "ancient of age" our outer wrapper will have gone through lifelong transitions that will cause the outer beauty of youth to fade.  Also, there are times in life that we may encounter experiences that permanently alter our physical form.  Knowing where our true beauty lies will help us see beyond the physical - no matter what shape the physical may be in - and be able to see the real beauty in the soul energy that powers the body.

In this journey may we find the ability to identify and love what makes us uniquely beautiful.

In peace...............Margie