Message Giver

The human form is the vehicle with which we experience the journey of life.  As we traverse through life we encounter experiences that wound our heart, mind and spirit which create stress and contraction in the body.  When we encounter conflict, stress, or experiences that remind us of our wounds, we begin to contract our energy in habitual ways which builds up "armoring" in the body.  Through this constriction of energy flow the body responds by giving us reminders of what needs to be healed.

The body therefore is the message giver - reminding us through tension, pain, discomfort, illness, etc. that we are holding energy patterns that are not in congruence with our core energy.  When we clear our energy of held, uncomfortable patterns then we allow for our balanced, pure soul energy to flow at its optimum - which then brings us into greater overall balance and physical health.

It is the body that is asking us to look deeper for the core cause of our dis-comfort or dis-ease which may be mental, emotional or spiritual so the root of the cause can be healed and the body released of its uncomfortable energy contraction and "armoring".

In Western culture we have become seekers of the "magic bullet" for a quick cure for what ails us.  It is important to seek out professional assistance to mend ourselves, but we must not forget that the body is a multi-dimensional vehicle and we must not only mend the physical, but to seek to know the deeper components that have brought about the ailment.

There are times when there are lessons to be learned through physical ailments - I am reminded of the story of Job.  So, there are times that the body is afflicted to teach us grace under fire.  I do believe that when the lesson is learned the body is restored - so getting the lesson may be an important factor in any physical healing process.

We are each gifted with this magical, multi-dimensional vehicle to be our container during our life journey.  This container holds our sacred soul mind and energy that we bring into physical manifestation.  We each are like the fingers of Source touching mortality.  We each are the Gods and Goddesses of our physical universe and how we take care of the physical form will reflect our view of its sacredness.  Learning to interpret both the loud and the more subtle messages we receive from the body is an important part of our learning while incarnate.

The body is our ally in the healing process and the goal is to get our ego to stop fighting with our higher self, to unify the elements of our nature, to make friends with our energy systems and to wake up and take charge of our lives.  There may be difficult parts of this journey - the dark night of the soul, purifying our energy of long held patterns or descending into the deepest reaches of our psyche.  The body gives us the messages that may cry for attention and change and any effort given to listen and heal will always bring you closer to a state of spiritual and physical health.

In peace.............Margie