Family History

There is an upcoming wedding for one of the extended members of our family and as a wedding gift a couple of us are collaborating on a family history book.  Working on this project has given cause to reflect on families and their history - and on our family history in particular.  Each of us selected a family to be born into for the very specific lessons we could learn from the already in progress story line.  Being able to examine the family history over a longer and broader viewpoint beyond the generation you were born into gives even more information and perhaps even greater balance to the story.

Every generation in a family lineage has a particular "flavor" which is influenced by the particular souls who incarnate into the lineage - their life purpose, personalities and contributing outside influences.  In my family we come from European settlers who came to this country many generations ago.  Along the way these brave pioneers have helped to settle this country. Some came here long before there was a formal country.  I have ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War, the Texas War for independence from Mexico, as well as those who served in the World Wars.  Some of these early pioneers were ranchers who helped settle Texas and New Mexico.

There are times that the generation that we are born into may be filled with many trials and tribulations in a specific family.  In my family generation there are some very interesting twists and turns - there might be in yours as well.  Family units are a training ground for soul development - but at times the lessons are learned the hard way.  It is always difficult when those that should love us the very most fall short of this gift of the heart and leave us wounded instead.  The search then is for healing enough to find the wisdom in the experience.  Whatever family situation we were born into there are always gifts to be had from the experience - but we may have to search deep to find them.

Since families are comprised of many people, there is always the possibility that there will be clashes of personalities and egos.  Learning to value all of our family may be a lifelong process.  If in this life time you were born into a family that loved you unconditionally and helped you succeed you are fortunate.  What I do know is that this is but one story in a line of many and even if in this life your family situation was easy, there will be many where it likely will not be so.

Having the opportunity to look back through many generations of family history has helped me to see that the stock I come from has many great assets.  They generally were brave, pioneering, not afraid to take a risk, stood up for what they valued, had families that they cared for - and provided me a very interesting heritage.  I know that I come from sturdy, brave, pioneering stock that overcame many obstacles in their own lives.  Knowing them better, I know that I too can overcome whatever I have encountered in this one lifetime.

Looking back over many generations of family lineage there is strength to be gained in knowing that so many have come before you, many who made noble contributions and prevailed even under difficult circumstances.  If they can do can I - so can you.

In peace...............Margie