Living & Dying

Today I attended the funeral of a long time friend, who is also the father-in-law of one of my children.  We have known this family for many decades of time and even though we each have moved to different places, we did arrive at the same place once again later in life.  We have had the opportunity to spend time with them for family events, etc. for the last many years.

When someone we know passes it gives the opportunity to pause and reflect on not only their lives, but on our own as well.  It is apparent to me in the funerals that I have attended that how we are best remembered is not about worldly endeavors.  How much money we made, how big of a house we owned, what kind of new shiny car we drove, etc. is never mentioned about the one departed.  Instead there are shared stories of how they were involved in the lives of their family and friends.  How they gave of themselves in ways of compassion and service that helped others.  How they shared humor, mentored, supported and cared for those in their lives is what seems to leave the lasting impression.  All of these being acts of love, service, compassion, kindness and caring.

So funerals give us a prime opportunity to look into our own lives and have a brief glimpse into what others might say of us when we have passed.  Are the choices I make about how I offer gifts of the heart through giving of my time and energy in behalf of those around me being done well enough?  How could I do it better?

We have but a short time to be in each life and since we don't know the day and time any life will end, it is important that as we move through life that we do so with an open compassionate heart.  If you find that you are unable to currently do this, then it is important to enter into the healing work needed to mend the heart so it can become an expression of soul energy - not wounded ego.  For the expressions of the heart are what those around us will remember long after this story for us has ended.

Another way of saying it might be, to live your life so you have no unfinished business, no emotional baggage, no regrets when it is time to return to our soul form.  I remember my meditation instructor telling us that it is important to resolve held energy from past experiences so that when it is time to leave the body there are no cords of energy holding you from leaving cleanly.  So living the examined life - healing and releasing any wounds as you go, forgiving yourself and others is all part of living to be ready to die effortlessly.

And.......please remember no one ever dies.  In its pure form the soul is intelligent energy and energy never dies, it only transforms.  So though we are not incarnate and in the current life story any more, we do go on.  Many of my clients have seen and spoke about the time after a life has ended, about what occurs when the soul rises from the body and makes its journey back to its true home.  One chapter in the bigger soul story ends, but another begins.  When we leave the incarnate story, we are birthing into another one.....and the cycle of transformation continues.

Living a heart centered life; a life of compassion, service, being giving, open, supportive and inclusive of others has a deeply profound effect on those we leave temporarily behind and on how we leave the body.  By being able to live in a space of compassionate giving - in love, peace and light allows for transitioning with greater ease, joy and grace.

In peace............Margie