Soul "Mates"

When we are not embodied we live in a realm where we are pure soul energy.  In this environment we are never alone.  From the time we are formed from source energy into our unique soul form we are joined with a small group of fellow souls.  In this group we find those souls that we are most closely affiliated with - our soul cluster or soul family, if you will.  As we grow and learn we may leave this initial cluster group to join another group for developing our particular talents and do specialized "work".  We primarily interact within these closely associated groups of souls.  These are the souls whom we would call our closest and dearest friends.  The souls with whom we have incarnated with most frequently are almost always from these familiar friends - so we know them well on both sides of the spiritual equation.

When it is time for us to select our next embodiment and the story that goes with it we will seek from this family group those to be "players" in the upcoming life journey.  Over many lifetimes we have come to play all the various roles in each others incarnations.  There are some occasions that the life lessons that are going to be learned may call for someone with specific skills from outside the group to assume a specific role.  Even in these instances many of the other players in the life will be from the core of soul friends.

In our initial soul family - as in any family unit - the members learn and grow at different rates.  Some gaining wisdom, skills and knowledge in some areas faster than others.  At a certain point in our learning evolution as a soul we may begin to spend less of our experience with our initial group.  We will move into working in closer alignment with those that are progressing at the same rate that we are - our learning path being more consistent.

The final group that we come to associate with as a soul is our advanced specialist group.  This group is smaller in number than our original soul family and may contain souls that we are not initially familiar with, but have common interest.  In this advanced specialized work the group will have a common core purpose and interest.  This common purpose generally is tied to forms of energetic work in manifestation and/or healing.

So as you move through this current life it would be good to look around and see who has come with you that you know on a deep soul level.  They may - or may not - be your significant life partner, but may be playing a different role in this life.  Likely those around you in this life you know as a soul and love deeply when you both are not incarnate.  Important information to remember when some of the life lessons they are helping you learn are not comfortable.

When you come across a soul friend that helps you remember who you really are at your core and reflects your light back to you in a way that awakens your awareness it is truly a gift.  That the light can bounce back and forth between you, broadening awareness, supporting growth, validating inner knowing and loving you deeply - not for who you are now - but for who you are forever - these are your true soul "mates".  May you find such rich support in your life - may you find your true soul supporters. I am eternally grateful for the soul "mates" in my life who know me beyond the confines of incarnation.

In peace..............Margie