Over many years of doing my own inner work, and in doing inner journey work with clients I have come to know that while we are pure soul energy, prior to incarnating, we have the opportunity to view and select the next life we shall come into for learning and experience.  This place of life selection is often described as resembling a movie theater which allows souls to see themselves in future life options - playing different roles in various settings.  With a clear understanding of how they want to grow and learn next, and with the assistance of guides and teachers, the soul will make a selection from the choices offered.  This process is repeated in the life between lives for each incarnation journey.

While life events, race, culture and geographic location are all part of the selection process, these are not the only considerations and choices to be made by the soul for incarnating.  Once the general life experience is chosen, the next consideration is to the specific body, mind and personality that will be chosen to use in the next life.  All of these are carefully considered and chosen to benefit the soul on its path of growth and development.  On one inner journey into the realm of my soul I was asked about the selection of my body for this current life.  My soul told me that the selection was based on the body / mind's ability to handle large amounts of mental complexity.  The mind had to be visionary and be able to hold and understand layers of multi-dimensional information.  The body had to have a nervous system that could support overall health even when exposed to large amounts of distress and discomfort.  The body had to be sturdy and the mind keen.  For each incarnation careful attention is given to both the life events and the body/mind/personality in the selection process.

As my clients have shown me and as I have seen of my own past lives - there are many life stories and each have varying degrees of difficulty or ease.  But in each life the soul is learning and growing, even though the egoic, time bound mind may not be aware of what the soul agenda is for the life.  The ego often gets frustrated when the life doesn't unfold in the way it thought would be most ideal.  In times of great difficulty the ego often falls into negativity and victim mode - blaming others for all that has befallen it in the life journey.  It is in the understanding that the soul pre-selected the life and its experiences that makes it possible to move beyond victimhood into acceptance, healing and understanding.

In knowing that the soul wanted this particular life journey it becomes important to accept ultimate responsibility for what has occurred in the life.  Transcending beyond any bitterness, negativity, blaming, etc. and into the seeker wanting to know what the soul was learning through these specific life experiences.  It is in this looking for the story behind the visible story that is revealed the truth about life purpose.  The ego views a successful life experience on very superficial values - in understanding soul purpose we can come to know the true worth of the life and all its experiences.  We can even become grateful for all experiences that have made us who we are.

Inherent in responsibility is the sense if important obligations, duties and even accountability.  There is no greater need for responsible action than in our own life and to the soul purpose for being here incarnate.  We have all chosen to be here at this time, place and circumstance and for significant soul reasons.  Our responsibility is to expand our awareness, discover who we really are and why we are here and manifest soul purpose in the world.

In peace..........Margie