Further Responsibility

In considering the topic of life responsibility I became aware that there is a broader view of responsibility that I could address.  While we certainly are responsible for our individual lives we are also part of a whole and our area of responsibility reaches beyond our personal lives into the world / universe at large.

While incarnate we live on a small planet in a large universe and at all times we are connected to oneness across an energetic web of life manifesting. We have been incarnating on Earth for eons of time as we and the planet have worked through an evolutionary process - the evolution of consciousness.  At this time in planetary history we have reached the end stage of this developmental process.  We have arrived at this end stage in a time that could not be called a "golden age", but rather we find ourselves in great disruption and polarity.  Since we are here on the planet at this significant time it seems apparent that we have come to witness this final phase of a process put in place long ago and in which we have much invested.  We are here to participate and to have a ring side seat.  As such we cannot be passive by-standers.

The question seems to be is can we understand our responsibility to step into our new level of consciousness and empowerment.  Can we disengage from the negativity of the past and from the negativity that is going on around us and move into the next higher vibration and ground it into the planet?  Can we own that we are the ones to throw off the darker forces of misuse of power, greed, and hatred and create the peaceful, loving, supportive environment that reflects our true nature?  Can we make amends to the planet and restore balance with sustainable choices that will ensure human and planetary longevity?

It all starts with our own lives and our personal choices.  We live in a time when the world is connected through telecommunications of every kind.  We do not live in a vacuum, but must view ourselves not only as global citizens, but as part of the universal community.  As we make choices in our lives it must be from an expanded perspective that includes the knowing of how what we do affects others worldwide.  We are each part of the problem if we make choices that negatively affect others anywhere in the world.  Humans are the only beings on the planet that will take more than they truly need and when this occurs there is an imbalance created - somewhere else there will be others who have less than they need because of it.  The planet has enough to sustain us all - but we have the responsibility to choose wisely - knowing the difference between want and need.

We live in a time of great potential for humanity and we each are here at this time by our choosing.  We have come to join together to assist with the expansion of awareness and to move humanity to a higher level of consciousness.  We each have gifts that assist in this process and it is by the collaboration of many that we can move to our highest potential.  And in this process to connect in a very conscious way to the Universe that celebrates life and sustains us all.  We each have a responsibility to live our lives in a way that supports this potential for all humanity and to have our lives be a blessing to all we touch.

In peace..............Margie