Power vs Force

In my post last week I spoke about the rise of monotheism and the ensuing male dominant religions and social cultures that arose from it.  It prompted me to think that there were more things to say that are pertinent today.  In this kind of social order we have come to understand that there is power in imposing one's will over others.  Out of these kinds of social orders we have had centuries of war, suppression, class distinctions, hatred, turmoil, greed and planetary destruction.

In reality this kind of "power" is actually a function of the use of ego force in gaining superiority over others and amassing the spoils of victory as a testament to the ability to gain "power" by willful domination.  We have had centuries of this kind of social paradigm and we stand at a crossroads as we are destroying ourselves and our planet with this mis-use of force masquerading as "power".

Real power is not sourced from ego, but is rather inherent in the true soul and human nature.  These are qualities that uplift, dignify and ennoble - qualities that come from compassion, love, peace - qualities that support the significance of life itself.  There are an increasing number of studies conducted that show that the true nature of humanity is of these qualities, but we have been culturally socialized to adapt by force.  In our current social construct we define success by how much "stuff" we can own, and greed and profit are rewarded in every aspect of our lives.  It is a way of life that is destroying the planet and has brought imbalance to our global community.  A few have profited at the expense of the many.....and this will continue unless we wake up to the need for a core change.

In order for us to survive as a people and a planet we must embrace this returning to our true human and soul nature.  It must be done both individually and globally.  This is the crux of moving into a new consciousness paradigm - realizing who we are and standing in our empowerment as noble beings of peace, love and light.  Our focus must turn from force and greed to personal and global integrity based on compassion.  We must evaluate the difference between what we truly need and what we only want.  If the toll that is levied on others by our wanting is poverty and destruction of their resources, then it must be curbed.  We must become global citizens, move beyond personal wants and nationalism and rise to global stewardship in order for us to survive and live in our soul integrity.

We have learned many valuable lessons as souls by incarnating in this environment, but now it is time to close the chapter on this way of learning and embrace our higher consciousness, soul integrity and destiny.  We have the opportunity to rise above the low vibrations of fear, chaos, subjugation and hate and use our true power to create a world filled with peace, compassion, order and beauty.  Now is the time.

In peace................Margie