Polarity & Choice

When we come to Earth we know that we will be entering into a denser environment that is filled with duality and opposing forces.  In this environment we know that we will be presented with many opportunities to make choices between options that come to us in varying degrees of vibrational frequencies.  These choices range from the highest, most love and light filled to the lowest most hate, chaos and darkness filled, and everything in between.  For in any circumstance that is presented to us there is this full range of options to choose from.

It is important to note that there are entities, seen and unseen, that are invested in both sides of this choice equation.  There are many beings who are deeply committed to love, light, peace and the evolution of humanity to its highest level of consciousness. There are also many beings who are as invested in manipulating humanity toward violence, hatred, chaos, war, etc. as they feed off these negative energies. You can speak of this range of vibrations as moving from a high, lofty place to a lower, denser place.  You can also speak of it in the language of our emotional responses.

Each and every day, in what is presented in our lives we choose where we will place our allegiance by how we respond to the circumstances of life.  Some experiences elate us and expand our heart and bring a smile to our lips, or bring tears of joy.  But there are equally as many that have the potential to weigh heavy on our hearts, make us sad, depressed, angry, frustrated or hate filled.  While it is part of the human experience to feel all these emotions in their full range, it is important to remember where your allegiance truly lies.  Experiencing "darker" emotions will occur; living there and acting on them is what must be avoided if we are to continue to move into a more peaceful environment and to our highest potential.  Learning how to return to a neutral, peaceful place is of utmost importance in these times of imbalance and polarity.

As I have mentioned in earlier posts, the essence of human nature is based in higher vibrational qualities - love, peace, cooperation, etc.  We live in a time that the opposing forces of light and dark are highly polarized and it is important for each of us to decide on which side of this equation we stand and consciously choose our actions accordingly.  We have the potential to move into a new paradigm, but it is up to each and every one of us to make this personal choice to bring balance, the qualities of higher vibrations and less density into our personal lives and thus to humanity as a whole. By the collective actions of the many committed to moving into a peaceful, compassionate, less dense, cooperative world that takes care of the Earth and its inhabitants we will move into a new world paradigm.

It starts with each of us - we all get to vote with our choices - how will you choose?

In peace..............Margie