What You Might Call Karma

In writing about past life memories it was apparent that there was more to say about past lives and the healing that may be needed as we move from life time to life time.  I have seen in myself and in most of my past life regression clients that there are difficult experiences that are encountered that leaves long lasting imprints in soul energy.  If in the life that the energy imprinting occurred there is not the opportunity or the choice to heal, then this energy will be carried with the soul into subsequent lives until it is finally healed back to original pure soul energy.

I have seen that these imprints may occur by extreme loss that if not healed will bring grief into the next life.  Or it might be neglect and abuse that might bring fear and lack of self worth forward.  If in a life the story was about inflicting misuse of power and if not healed then the energy brought forward will likely have guilt and shame needing to be healed.  As a new life is selected the soul will be aware of how the last life has affected its energy and will ensure that the future life will have reminders of what remains that needs to be healed readily present.  The client will experience this as always having felt a particular way - like having a cloud of grief always surrounding them.  They will also have a pattern of drawing people or experiences into their space that will remind them of what needs to be healed which is not always comfortable.  These patterns resolve rather quickly once the point of origin in past life history is accessed, allowed to be expressed, released and finally healed.

I have been blessed to see clients go through amazing transformations by accessing long held emotions and finally having the opportunity to bring them to the surface and heal.  In this healing they experience a lightening of their energy that is positive, deep and profound.  They become more of their true souls selves.

It appears to me that we are each given a piece of soul energy from Source or from Oneness and we get to use it for experience and development.  It is through the progression of incarnations that we learn and become.  Along the way as we encounter experiences that detract from the original vibrancy of soul energy it requires that we work through repeat lives until we have learned and grown enough to embrace the healing of our soul energy in every aspect until it is in its original form - but richer, deeper for our experiences.  So...this is what I believe is at the essence of what you might call "karma".

In the current life it is important to come into the awareness that any experiences that may cause wounds must be dealt with at the time.  Being responsible enough to live the examined life and to seek healing and to be willing to forgive is necessary in our soul progression.  If we embrace living our lives in a way that we resolve issues as we go then when the time comes for the current life story to end we can do so with clear soul energy and will not have the need to return to work out long held difficult issues.  You either deal with it now - or you will have to deal with it later.

As we become more aware and "enlightened" it then becomes incumbent upon us to embrace soul healing.  To actively search for what in our soul energy remains that may be long held, but still needs attention- that will bring the energy back to its purest, richest form of peace, love and light.

In peace...........Margie