The energy that makes up our soul comes from a sacred Source and is gifted to each of us as pure soul energy that at its beginning is still pure potential; not yet imprinted with life experience and enrichment.  We each then become responsible for using this soul energy to learn, grow and become.  We are also responsible for keeping our soul energy in the vibrant, radiant form that it was originally in when gifted to us.

As we choose life stories and incarnate into them we forget about the soul energy and just live our lives.  In the early incarnations we are just learning about how to navigate in a dense human form and three dimensional plane.  We are new to the experience and often do not make savvy choices and decisions.  As this occurs we inevitably leave imprints in the original soul energy that require the need for clearing, cleaning and restoration.  At its core this is the essence of karma - the need to reincarnate again and again in order to work out the "kinks" that we have imprinted in the soul energy.

With each life experience soul energy matures and as it does it goes through color changes that reflect the stage of growth that it is in.  This is much like working our way through the rainbow spectrum to finally restore and magnify soul energy to its original purity, but greatly enriched by experience.  When this occurs we finally graduate and move beyond the need to incarnate any more.

There are many life experiences that cause us to contract and hold negative, painful and dense energy patterns in our layers and fields of energy.  These are usually from difficult life experiences that leave trauma in our emotions, hardening in our hearts and cynical negativity in our minds.  With some of these experiences we literally take on cords of energy into our space that are not ours, but belong to those we have difficult experiences with.  These experiences always require focused attention to allow them to be expressed, healed and then finally released.   The major focus of all healing is to restore our energy to its original form of light and radiance.

Some difficulties in life seem to settle into patterns that become a more permanent way of being.  This is why it is so important to heal as we go and to not allow painful experiences to dictate and limit our life experience and to settle into our soul energy.  The first step to healing is an awareness that there is something amiss - something that is painful and limiting to our peace, joy and has a negative effect on our life journey.  The next step is to take action to get to the core of the issue.  This will require courage and often the assistance of others.  Some work may require the need for professional therapists, artful energy healers or compassionate counselors to fully release the pain and restore soul energy.

Since none of us are given a handbook for the care and keeping of our personal energy when we arrive here it is part of our development to come to this understanding of ourselves as soul energy.  We each have been given the gift of separate soul energy that allows us the opportunity to learn, grow and become in a very unique way.  It is incumbent on each of us to live our lives in such a way that we can return our energy back to Source as vibrant, pure and radiant as when given to us, but all the richer as it will be imbued with our unique experiences and wisdom.  Learning to manage our energy is part of our personal development of consciousness and gives us the ability to live in greater peace, compassion, gratitude and joy.

In peace..............Margie