There are times that conditions in life are so difficult that it requires building inner defenses against an outer onslaught.  This usually occurs in relationships that are seriously out of balance and in an effort to protect oneself a defense system is put in place.  This usually includes armoring the heart in order that it not be repeatedly hurt.  It also includes defensive barriers built around the ego to protect it from being harmed or even destroyed.  The outward messages telling us that the world is not a safe place and we must go into flight / hiding mode.  As long as situations exists that demand defenses against them, this system of protection is needed.  If it lasts over long periods of time, then it may become a way of life - a way to numb oneself to all the pain - and become so ingrained that it is impossible to remember who you were before this armoring occurred.

If you are fortunate enough to have life give you the gift of change from difficult conditions to a better, more positive place, then healing can begin.  This healing process is much like peeling an onion, one layer at a time.  It is a process that may take time and requires patience and commitment.  It reminds me of the process of dismantling war machinery - after all when under attack it takes an army of defenses to survive.  So the analogy may be quite accurate.  The ultimate goal is to find out who you are without defenses - to not allow your wounds to have transformed you into someone you really are not.

Dismantling is a process of letting go - sounds easy, but often is not.  When defenses have been a way of life attempting to let go of them can be very frightening and may take time and many experiences to build the confidence that you will be fine even if you put your guard down.  It is a process of building trust - in yourself and in others.  It is risk taking - to allow people into your heart and let them see you in all the ways you are vulnerable - it takes courage.  It is like letting go of a trapeze bar and knowing there is not a net below to catch you if somehow you misjudged the incoming bar.

I believe that when the time presents itself for healing, that we will be  gifted with many to support us on this journey.  The help may come from those within our circle or come from an unexpected source - but when ready and firm in our commitment to dismantle and become, we will have the help we need.  Often this help comes in the form of spiritual assistance, from Guides, Teachers and beings of light that have walked with us during the difficulty and are very willing to help us return to our true identity.  These beings of love and light may know who we are without the armoring more than we do and can be of invaluable assistance in restoring the energy of our heart, mind and soul.  Gifts of support from angels incarnate and in other dimensions.

The healing journey will take many forms - from a physical cure, to an emotional recovery, to stepping away from struggle and moving toward peace, wholeness and freedom.  In every life there is difficulty and in the midst of difficulty lies the opportunity to learn and grow.  In every heart there lies the power to overcome even the most difficult of experiences if we hold to the faith that love and truth always win out in the end.  When we do the dismantling of our armoring, heal and become our best selves our lives become an epic tale of love and light overcoming against all odds.

In peace...............Margie