Core of Grace

"The coming to consciousness is not a discovery of some new thing; it is a long and painful return to that which has always been."

Each of us is born with a core of grace - a center that is always free of human concerns, worries, fears, ambitions, etc.  It is from this central core that comes peace, love and light.  Religions and psychology have many names for this central core, but I will call it the Soul.  To come into awareness of this central core is to truly know who we are - not by those things that are human markers - like what we look like, what we wear, what we do, title, rank or position.

When we come into this awareness we have the opportunity to feel our place in relation to the Infinite rather than by the judgements of society or culture. When we are able to most fully inhabit this central core we have moments of enlightenment, wholeness and a palpable connection to Oneness.

There are many things in life that pull us away and prevents us from fully being in awareness of this core of Grace.  It may be rooted in our culture, mental or religious training, trauma, sophistication and any myriad of experiences that so fully occupies our awareness that we cannot hold the awareness of our Soul.  This process of being removed from our core of Grace causes a deadening of the heart.  Restoring the connection to this timeless core of Grace is always the goal in life, in healing our lives and hearts and in education.  This is truly the only thing worth teaching and the remedy for our lives and the life of the planet - to uncover the core of Grace and to live there once it is restored.  This process of return to our Soul, whether brought about by love or by suffering is how we make the "long and painful return" to our true selves, to our Source and Oneness.

In peace.............Margie