Living In Gratitude

There were many years in my life that I was actively engaged in healing and transforming wounds of my own past.  During those years of re-examining memories of past events, the energies of being wounded, and bringing to the surface the unexpressed painful emotions, it was difficult to live in a daily space filled with gratitude.  There were many times that I wondered why all these difficulties had befallen me in one short life time.  I was in wounded, victim mode.  However, through time and with the help of many seen and unseen healers that have assisted me in my journey I have arrived at a time where I can say that I am living in gratitude.  While the healing journey may be long and at time arduous, it is the most significant and rewarding personal work anyone can ever do.  Having once arrived at this peaceful, calm place I never want to leave it and am grateful for all aspects of my journey that brought me here.

It is easy and enjoyable to find gratitude in the things and relationships that make our heart sing.  But to be fully grateful means giving thanks for more than the things we want, but for all the experiences that we have encountered in our lives - the pleasant and the difficult.  I work with clients who themselves are working through their own healing process and I often ask them to keep a daily gratitude journal.  This daily activity helps to connect their heart to what is important in the present moment while working through past experiences.  It gives the mind the opportunity to have something positive to look for each day that helps them remember life is gratifying.

In the process of my own healing I have turned the hologram of difficult events of  my life around and around to see them from every possible perspective.  In this process I have come to realize that there were many gems and rich wisdom to be found in examining my life story.  Hiding in the painful experiences were my greatest gifts, teachers and understanding of life purpose.  In this process I became grateful for the experiences and individuals that came on this journey with me.  Healing my heart and opening to higher truth I am able to focus on the place where beauty can be found even out of the chaos of the past.

These days I wake up with a peaceful heart filled with gratitude - my life is rich, sweet and rewarding and I am grateful.  Even if you never have to make an arduous healing journey, living in gratitude is an essential component of a successful life experience.

Living in gratitude creates a space where what you have is enough and you are grateful for it.

Living in gratitude opens the heart, builds bridges to others, helps curb ego wanting and brings a space of peace and joy.

In peace..........Margie