The Story Behind the Story

After many years spent in meditation practice I began having information surface that was clearly glimpses of past life experiences.  Over time I have been able to follow the thread of the most significant stories to their conclusions.  In this process I came to understand the lessons the soul was seeking by immersing in a particular life journey.

Receiving this information changed my perspective about my current life from an ego journey into a search for what the soul's purpose was in selecting this particular life story - and in each of its life stories.  What did the soul want to achieve? would it grow through this life's experiences? can I best contribute to soul purpose in a conscious way?

Not every culture has a belief in past lives and I was never exposed to the concept until I began receiving my own visual and intuitive awareness of this truth.  The soul seems to be selecting lives to effect growth and wisdom in a variety of ways over many life times.  It selects many roles to learn through - one time the victim, one time the tyrant, one time the child, one time the parent, etc.  In this process it comes into self awareness, wisdom and refinement.

Years ago when I began dating my current husband I started having images of a past life that we had both been in as husband and wife.  This past life was about 2,000 years ago and we lived in an Essene village.  I saw the home that we lived in with great clarity - the walls surrounding our bit of land with the most beautiful flowering vines growing over them.  I could also see the garden where we grew much of our food and the stream that ran just behind our garden.  In this past life we were blessed with eight children and lived a very peaceful, happy life.  There was such a rich feeling of love that we shared with each other and with our children.  We were devoted to an orderly, spiritual life as did the community that we lived in.  There came a time in this life that my husband left in support of a spiritual cause and I was left to raise the children alone.  I never saw him again in this life.....I raised my children and spent the remainder of this life as a teacher.

As I began seeing these images of a past life together, I did not initially tell my soon to be husband of them.  He knew that I was intuitive and visionary, but I was not sure of what he would think of my past life information.  Then one day, after we had been married for a few months we took a trip to visit his mother for her birthday.  We both had worked during the day and we caught a late evening flight that would take us close to our destination.  We would have to rent a car and drive a few hours to our ultimate destination.  So as we were driving through the dark night across the desert, I told him of what I had remembered of our much earlier life together.  To my great surprise he was able to add to this past life memory many details that I had not seen - he even knew the names of many of the children.  Together we have come to the awareness that the life we are living together today is connected to this former life and sheds light on our soul's purposes for coming together again at this time in history.  Giving us greater opportunity to fulfill soul purpose together.

Coming to an understanding that the soul travels through many life stories as a means of growth helps to place the current life into this larger context.  As a regression therapist I have assisted many clients in search of this kind of soul information.  I have seen that there are myriads of rich stories with a wide variety of experiences and each soul selects just the right ones to complement and enrich its continued growth and development.  Accessing this information can have a dramatic affect on the persons life views and understanding of current life situations and overall soul purpose.

Realizing there is always a more eternal story behind the visible, engaging ego story provides the opportunity to be consciously engaged in the soul journey and purpose.

In peace........Margie