The Energy of Being-ness

Energy is the building block of creation in the multiverse.  All things made manifest are created with energy which is vibrating at various frequencies, enhanced with information and organized into form.  The slower the vibration, and less complex the information, the simpler the form manifest.  The human form is no exception, it is a rather complex cohesion of cooperative energy and information that is then powered at its core by soul energy.  As such it is important to view ourselves from the perspective of an energy being (among all the other ways we view ourselves) and to gain an understanding on how to keep your energy bright, vibrant and free-flowing.

From time spent in meditation and with the information gained from many clients, I have learned that the energy of the soul is of light, love and peace.  Seen in its non-incarnate state the soul is pure energy with these specific core qualities.  In addition, each soul has its own personality and level of learning that also adds to the individual soul energy.

As we do our life story there are many opportunities for the ego to "kink" up our energy.  We experience, disappointment, hurt, anger, loss, betrayal, failure and even success, etc. - all experiences and emotions that can impact our energy.  We may find ourselves armoring our energy against further hurt, or become cynical when life doesn't unfold in the manner we expected.  Or the ego can become enlarged and overshadow the soul energy.  It could be one large experience or a thousand little ones, but over time if we don't attend to our core energy it becomes less vibrant, less visible.  We can feel this in our emotional field as distressing emotional responses - that if long held will bring stagnation into our energy.

Central to any therapy process is removing the blocks that we have created that prevent our true core energy to be fully present.  The human psyche/ego is a pain avoidance system and tends to store painful experiences - in the body, mind, emotional and energy field.  As a wise woman once said - "emotions buried alive never die".  So in order to restore our energy to its core essence it is necessary to heal on each of these levels.  In this process acknowledging the stored information, releasing it and allowing soul energy to fill the void and restore energy flow.

We live in a culture that places emphasis on doing and we often spend enormous amounts of time and energy in our doing-ness - with little or no thought about the quality of our core being-ness.  All aspects of our life run better if we have our core energy fully present, alive, vibrant and free flowing.

There is also an aspect of energy "entanglement" as quantum physics calls it.  I see it as all of life connected across a web or field of energy.  In other words we are all connected at an unseen, energetic level and across the web we act upon each other.  It becomes even more important and a greater responsibility to keep our personal energy bright and filled with the core qualities of our soul energy when we know that it not only impacts ourselves, but all of creation.

As I sit in meditation and ask "what should I be doing?" - I am always told to focus on the quality of my being, and the doing will follow appropriately.

In peace...............Margie