In any change process we have choices - how we choose will likely determine how well we weather the changes encountered. Learning to positively navigate through the waters of change is part of the human experience - but can be challenging especially if the change is disruptive and difficult.  I believe that there are three areas that with focused intention can make this navigation more graceful.  Attention to these three will enhance any change process.

The first of these is focused attention to the physical body and as we move into the future it is imperative that our body is healthy.  A healthy body can respond quickly, capably and effectively.  To maintain a healthy body careful attention must be given to movement and a healthy diet.  Remember that the body is the home of your soul energy while embodied and keeping the body healthy will allow for the soul energy to manifest more fully in the physical form.

Second is focused attention to our emotional health.  Our work is to heal and release any remaining negative emotions so that energy space can be filled with the higher emotions of compassion and joy.  Where we are going into a more enlightened future, we as individuals or as the population of the planet can no longer live by the heavy, harsh and painful emotional expressions that we see exhibited every day around us.  As with all change it starts with us as individuals - to "be the change you wish to see in the world".  Healing our wounds is a continuous process, but as we heal we will be able to radiate more love and light into the world and respond to change from a loving heart.

Third is focused attention to opening a space for meditation.  This ancient practice quiets the ego mind and allows for the soul wisdom to be more readily visible.  It also relieves stress and promotes health and wellness of the whole human form.  In our culture we are not taught the benefits of this practice and may find it hard to quiet the mind at first.  Staying with the practice by meditating at least three times a week will bring benefits long after the time spent in meditation is over.  You can approach your life from a calmer place, have more neutral emotions and walk on the planet more heart available.  You will have the benefit of insights gained while in meditation to give guidance as you make present moment decisions.  When the world around you is in chaos being able to maintain your calm presence will have positive effects for yourself and for those in your realm of influence.

By bringing focused attention and actions to these three areas of our lives it will keep our bodies strong, our minds clear, be peaceful and connected to our soul wisdom and project these qualities out into the world.  By embracing these practices we will be better equipped to meet whatever changes the future holds and we can be ready for whatever arises.

That change is part of our existence is real and how we meet the challenge of change may determine the outcome.  It is the ability to embrace challenges, to be an agent of change and to be an example of meeting challenging experiences with energy, hope and joy that will provide the most positive outcomes....and the lessons learned in the process become enriching and valuable.

In peace............Margie