My Funk & Wagnalls Standard Dictionary defines meditation as the process of "engaging in continuous and contemplative thought; to muse; to ponder".  Looking at meditation in a strictly scientific view - it is the process of consciously engaging the cycle activity in the brain.  Depending on the kind of activity we are engaged in will determine the brain wave frequency experienced.

*Beta brainwaves are characterized by logical, analytical thinking, verbal communication, awareness of the outside surroundings.  The daily problem solving  kind of brain activity.  Left brain, ego dominant state.

*Alpha brainwaves most commonly occur when we are calm, relaxed, yet still mentally alert.  These are present during meditation, some forms of energy healing and daydreaming.

*Theta brainwaves are characterized by being deeply relaxed and inwardly focused.  This state is sometimes referred to as the Threshold Consciousness - the space between being asleep and being awake where all things are possible and accessible.

*Delta brainwaves are associated with being extremely relaxed - you would recognize it as being in deep dreamless sleep.

At each of these levels there are available different kinds of information and awareness.  Meditation allows the mind to clear and move from a highly active, outwardly aware state into a different slower, more inwardly aware state.  It is somewhat like changing the dial on a radio or television and finding a new, interesting station.  The slower the brain activity, the more expanded the awareness becomes.

Well, enough about the science behind the process.  My journey into a meditation practice began almost two decades ago.  I was invited by a dear friend to join her in a meditation class.  It was a type of meditation that focused on energy - learning to manage your own energy and then to develop skills to be able to recognize energy patterns in others as well.  We participated in this group meditation class for four years or so.  At the time I was also actively engaged in my own healing journey and meditation proved to accelerate and enhance this process.  It also connected me to my own inner wisdom, my guidance and to a peaceful environment that I wasn't encountering in my outer world.

Because I am a highly visual person with an active inner field of vision my meditation never looks just like quieting the mind.  That is part of the process, as is clearing and balancing my energy - but the bulk of the time I spend in meditation is filled with places to go, things to learn, connection to others, guidance sought and provided.  In this inner journey I can hear my soul wisdom, feel its peace and grace, know that I am never alone and allow more of my soul energy of peace, love and light to be present in my physical being.  As I walk in the world more of these traits can be manifest long after I have meditated.  I am not a traditionally religious person, so meditation is central to my personal spiritual practice - connecting me to the Divine - to Source in a spiritual connection and relationship that is tailored just for me.

While I know that it may be hard to start the practice of attempting to quiet the ego brain, I can assure you that it is worth the effort to find the practice that is right for you and be dedicated to taking the inner journey.  In these times of chaos and turmoil we all need to be connected and listening to our Source and higher self in order to walk through the transitions we will encounter and to accomplish our soul purpose.

Meditation can be your Gateway - to whatever you are seeking.

In peace.........Margie