Within the human form of each of us is this great dichotomy - the duality of the soul which is timeless, encompasses soul history and memory and is connected to "all that is", and the ego which is linear, time bound and only has the awareness of the current life.

One of the great awakenings in life is coming to the realization that there is more than one thing going on which influences our life experience.  It is relatively easy to hear the voice of the ego as it is the most visible, the voice of the soul is much subtler.  In  Western culture we are not encouraged or taught how to listen to the voice of the soul and as such we often spend portions of our life being guided only by information from the ego.  Not always to the most successful or joyful conclusions.

It is important to come to the understanding that the ego has a very limited knowledge base on which to provide guidance.  The ego also has the propensity to use bits of incomplete imformation, then search from past experience to fill in the gaps.  In this process it attempts to provide us what it views as the answers we are seeking.  It is necessary to come to the realization that the ego does not always provide information with truth and integrity.  Yes.......the ego will lie to you - not necessarily intentionally, but is not be able to provide the whole picture.  Only when the soul is brought into the decision making process do we have the most opportunity for truth and wisdom.

It is interesting that in our culture we value what should be the servant over the gift of the creative, intuitive mind of the soul.  We do clearly need both aspects while we are incarnate - they both are required to traverse the experience to the most successful conclusion.  However, the ego mind is created to assist us while we are in this Earthly experience - it is very good at organizing, keeping our lives well ordered, balancing finances, making shopping lists and ensuring we get to our jobs and appointments on time.  In contrast the soul mind is the seat of imagination, intuition, greater truths and inner wisdom.  The ego mind learns speach and the soul tempers what is said.  The ego mind learns math and the soul mind ponders limitless quantum theories.

In order to be the most successful in life we must cultivate the ability to hear the voice of the soul and incorporate its wisdom and judgement into our life experiences.  In the process it becomes necessary to tend to our mental garden every day - turn off the ego chatter, redirect the ego mind to appropriate tasks and allow the soul mind to be the director in our lives.  In this way we can align with soul purpose while incarnate and ensure richer outcomes.  We can ensure that we gain the experience that the soul came for when it chose to come into human form.

Living with the guidance of our soul allows for peace, grace and compassion to be an inherent part of our jourey.

In peace............Margie