Change....Part Two

After writing and posting about change more thoughts came - so now I am adding part two to the discussion.

I realize that while some changes that happen in life are sought after and welcome - marriage, children, job promotions, new house or car, etc.  These kind of changes are relatively easily navigated through, may require some adjustments - but are mostly joyful.

There are times in life that changes happen that are outside of our ego's realm of control, come unbidden, unexpected and can be disruptive, difficult and catch us off guard, emotionally unprepared.  The changes that seem the most difficult to weather are the ones that strongly impact our emotions - bring us to our knees and break us open.  The death of someone significant in our lives, relationships changing or ending, accidents that cause physical pain and limitations, abuse or betrayal from those who should love us come to mind as such scenarios.  In my lifetime I have traversed some of these difficult times when I have buried infants, seen the end to my marriage, lived through what is coined the "big bang" that blew our family into a whole new paradigm, transitioned from being the primary parent to being an emptynester - all difficult and challenging emotional situations.

Sometimes the change encountered is great enough that it causes us to evaluate what is really important in our lives, may cause us to examine our belief structure, gives us new information for making future choices, redirects our life journey, redefines who we are and what we want out of life and can be empowering.  I believe that in every difficult time of change there is a great gift and opportunity for growth to be gained by navigating these unsettling waters, the opportunity to reinvent ourselves at a higher, wiser place.

Some of the gifts that seem apparent to me are the strengths that comes from weathering these stormy times, increased compassion for others who are going through difficulties, patience in seeing the process through and of course the wisdom that comes from such important learning moments.

While these gifts may not be apparent while in the middle of a great change - it is important to search for the gifts, once healing allows, so we can find how each life experience has contributed to who we are and be grateful for them all - but especially those that have enriched us the most.

Remember that without change there would never be is the change process that makes it possible for us to evolve into our best, brightest and highest potential.

In peace.........Margie